Ramblings from the Maths Classroom – Week 10

This week i have been focussing on the improving to quality of notes which students are taking in my lesson. Through my planning i am trying to create evaluation points throughout a sequence of lessons which allow students to recall knowledge over a topic. One of my groups were getting towards the end of the Angles topic and felt this was a good opportunity. So one the board went four examples.

Then I gave them around 10 minutes to complete the 4 questions in their books. After around 1-2 minutes of scanning and walking the room I started modelling each question while they continued to work. I have started to use a ruler instead of drawing free hand and focussing on making my board work strong enough so students should be able to see the process through the use of two colours. One for the working out and then one colour for outlining the process. I am really enjoying completing the work with students in the lesson and naturally now students are coming up to the board and having conversations about a particular example.

Hopefully you can make out the black marker work for the working out and then the purple to explain parts of the process. I emphasised with the group that the purple pen is my personal notes and their ones should be owned by them as I did not want them to simply copy down. When this lesson phase had finished I spend around 5 minutes using the visualiser selecting students work to highlight the quality in the room.

For the second round of examples I did not write the notes down initially

As I found some students were occasionally copying what I had written so wanted them to really have ownership of this.

The board work now had no notes and gave them around 10 minutes to create their own. Then once we had done that broke them back and used the visualiser to discuss the notes and we co-created these ones.

Actually doing the work with them has allowed me to really understand the challenges within each question and I know I personally need to improve the quality of the detail of the notes I create. The dual coding book by @olicav has influenced my classroom work significantly this year as visually I am becoming a lot more disciplined and reflecting a lot more on the final output to ensure it supports the students and it not just a by-product of teaching or conversation.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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