Ramblings from the Maths Classroom – Week 8

A shorter blog today at the innovative juices were not following at much in the eighth straight teaching week!

This week I was covering transformations and a group had made excellent progress which gave me a bit of time to do some consolidating activities. As the students started on a translation activity they were so absorbed I found myself completing the task on the board. As I started doing it the room seemed to come to a natural silence and I continued to work on the board the students continued to work on the task. They could see on the projector the progress I was making.

The 4 photos I have taken show my progression. I’ll pretend that I made planned errors but missed about 3 shapes on my first go – the students loved telling me this! We had a really good discussion then about marking off a shape when it had been translated. I finished the lesson having enjoyed completing the activity and it was really positive as I felt I was actually modelling my love of Maths and there is something really powerful about the teacher completing independent work as the students are doing the same. I was actively modelling the method so students could visually check in when they needed and it really encouraged continual study in my classroom.

Wondering if this was a one off I actively planned for it in the next lesson. We were doing an investigation with rotations and this time to test out this routine I actually started doing at the same time as the students and they seemed to settle really quickly and worked with real rigour of the period time I was working. I created two rotations using the Nrich attractive rotation investigation and then we shared other student examples. I think because I was actually doing the activity myself ‘live’ in front of them it seemed to give the students confidence and encouraged them to try it out.

Some of the students work was much better than mine and we started to unpick what styles of shapes tended to give more attractive patterns and where the best centre of rotation was.

My final one this week is adding a little bit extra to my visualiser routine. I’ve previously written in green pen directly on student on camera but have sometimes felt restricted as I didn’t want to ruin the students work. Now I put the book on the visualiser on screen and then remembereda feature on the whiteboard – Desktop Annotate. This then allowed me to go to town on all the great features of the students work and their steps of working.

Have a good week if you have got half term holiday this week coming (me!) or that you have had some recharge time and you are going back.

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