Ramblings from the Maths Classroom – Week 4

Instead of adding repeatedly to the original blog on Lesson principles and Structures I am planning to write a new blog each week so its a bit easier to locate and I can then refer back to different weeks blogs if I am referring to something from a previous blog.

Have now tweaked my feedback lesson routines more and found it a much more efficient way of getting students to reflect on their mistakes on the assessment.

Stage 1 – Add it up

The first 5 students which enter the room give out the marked assessments and they fill in a grid on the marks they have got for each set of questions grouped by an objective. I have written on the overall percentage and an effort grade in green pen but their job is then to pick our their areas of strength and weakness.

Stage 2- Self Improvement

I have now combined two phases so I two on the projector the QLA of the assessment and also get a couple of students to give out the single page solution sheet. It is the students choice then for around ten minutes how they want to improve their work. Some like working independently and others like finding that one student in the room who has got that question right and learning from them. At this stage it is crucial you carefully you watch and question what students are actually attending to. Some still are copying some solutions in purple pen straight over the top of their work and not demanding that they understand what they have written but theis is reducing each time I complete it with a group.

It’s important that I state at this point that i am observing the student getting more routined each time we do this feedback work so please undersatnd that all new routines in the classroom take longer the first few times and you may need to invest a couple of lessons on the first few tries to ensure each stage is done well. It will pay off then over the year!

Stage 3 – My Input

I want to change this the next time I do it. At the moment I have been modelling the solution to lowest scoring question and then giving the students a couple of minutes to complete a similar question with the two question prompts below. I know why I am doing it as can control the room but I am finding that students after the short period of time are all at different stages.

So my new plan is to go through a group of 5 questions and then give them a longer period to complete their reflections and new questions. Also I am going to provide the answers to these new questions as lesson where I wrote them on the board, the students motivation shot up as their were getting previously poorly understood correct and there’s nothing better for the culture in classroom hearing a student shout ‘yes’ when they have just nailed an answer.

Other Ramblings…. Revealing answers

I love revealing answers throughout student’s independent practice. I will now pre-warn students that 2 minutes into a set period of time I will be revealing the 1st 2 solutions then another , then another….. Think It does a few things, one sets a good pace and also builds motivation or questions as students are checking their answers. All the resources on the site are designed to support this on the same slide.

I will reveal the answers based on quite a few things I am observing in the classroom.

Note Taking/Revision

Can’t take credit for this one as I have nicked this from a conversation I had with a young teacher after she had smashed my similar setted group in an assessment so being ultra competitive I wanted to know what I was missing. At the end of each topic she is giving the students a period to review their learning and complete questions across the topic and write down the steps for each stage of working. I have created an example for next week which I am going to try with my group at the end of an equation topic which I am really looking forward to.

Have good week everybody


  1. I’ve just discovered your website and think it’s really great.
    Can you explain the concept behind the page being split in two? I can’t find an explanation anywhere and would love to know the best way to use the resources.


  2. Hi Jenny
    Glad you are enjoying the site. In terms of resources it can depend on what has gone before in terms of teaching. I usually teach to the green pathway and then the white should naturally extend/challenge.


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