What to revise for Paper 3?

When that’s two down. One more to go!

Major Health warning – Please ensure that you do not just revise these topics below as any topics can still be tested and repeated topic areas can be assessed again. The New GCSE questions particularly likes interleaving two topic areas into a single question. This is for Edexcel Pearson GCSE Foundation Tier.

Just a quick recap on how this has been done. Each question’s marks have been allocated to a topic area over the last 4 papers plus this years one. If a 4 marker covers two topics areas then the marks are split on what the mark scheme is likely to award marks for. Then an average is taken to look at the number of marks that have generally been awarded over the last 4 sittings.

I cannot think that there will be 13 marks allocated in Paper 3 to purely percentages as the November 2018 papers may skew that figure slightly. The above image shows the topic areas which could appear.

If you want any further help or have any questions drop a comment on this blog or DM me on @blastmaths on twitter.

Some resources will appear on the site tonight and more over the weekend. Follow @blastmaths on twitter for updates.

Good luck everyone!

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