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After reading @mathsmrgordon blog thought it was a great idea and an opportunity to summarise some nuggets across twitter. Already read the first two blogs on this and found them fascinating (Maturation period of 2 years and Blocked Practice have got me thinking!). So using the format here goes!

Lean Working

  1. What did you learn? As preparation for my new role I stumbled on a podcast through a conversation. Wrote my first blog on it – Lean Working – detailing this further but in summary I decided to time everything I did as part of my teaching job and broken each task down into timed subtasks and try and be as lean and efficient as possible
  2. What was the source? Podcast Mr Barton Maths with @workedgechaos
  3. Implications for future practice. I’ve stop the timing now as think I’ve made quite a few significant changes adopting this approach and want to let them embed but its helped me really understand the time some tasks take and really ask the question how much benefit is it to the students and myself. At the start of the new school year i’ll likely repeat the process again and she what tweaks I can make to make myself more efficient.

Whole Class Feedback

Whole Class Feedback

  1. What did you learn? Have developed a routine which has reduced my marking time quite significantly and allowed me to focus on the feedback on action part of the process. Blog on it here
  2. What was the source? Think it came from the lean working stuff above. Really asking myself is the time invested worth it? Is it having impact?
  3. Implications for future practice. Its put a lot more focus on student reaction to the feedback I give and allows them to feel success in a shorter time. It takes some time to routine classes but feel they are really benefitting

4 part retrieval Connect/Starters

  1. What did you learn? Repeatedly coming back to key topic areas helps free up students working memories and improve retention
  2. What was the source? Brought in at the start of this year by @sandersmaths at INSET. Each lesson starts with a short task on the last lesson, the previous topic and then Algebra and Geometry (these were the weakest areas from QLA of previous years exam performance)
  3. Implications for future practice. Want to map out the bottom two topic areas across the year next year and ensure they are appropriately spaced – still playing about with the perfect time gap from first seeing the topic again and then trying it again.

Note Taking

  1. What did you learn? Students understanding and owning the note taking process is crucial to them effectively applying and retaining these skills
  2. What was the source? Maths department INSET Session
  3. Implications for future practice. I have never done the final consolidation phase of lessons well, always rushed or tricky to get the pitch right as I can’t always predict the lesson’s progress to summarise well. Recently I’m embedding a new routine in my classroom where students take notes summarising their learning from the lesson at the back of their books. Its giving a really focussed end to the lesson and we are having great discussions about the elements of note taking which must be there from them to be effective. Blog will be coming soon on this.

Being 10% braver

  1. What did you learn? I’ve been a twitter lurker for a fair few years and have learnt many things from reading blogs but never really got involved either tweeting, blogging or content creation. More recent changes in circumstances have allowed me to focus on the classroom more and have made the leap with twitter and the site and me head is buzzing with ideas and thinks to try.
  2. What was the source? Can’t really pinpoint a specific tweet, blog or experience think it’s been a sum of all little things
  3. Implications for future practice. Not sure yet, enjoying the ride!

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