What to Revise Paper 2 & 3?

Well the long wait is over and the first paper is now done for EdExcel GCSE Maths Foundation Tier. The previous ‘What to Revise‘ blog gathered a fair bit of interest so I’ve used the work completed on granulated outcomes in it to look at how the topics have been covered at Paper 1. Looking at the average number of marks against Paper 1 coverage this year gives a ranked list of topic areas to consider.

The download above gives greater breakdown within the topics. Percentage knowledge should be key to success in Paper 2 and 3 as well as a strong knowledge in the areas above. Estimation, Linear Graphs, Substitution, Conversion, Sequences and Circles are almost certainties.

Its worth considering the style of questions to practice over the coming couple of weeks because Paper 1 felt very weighted towards AO1 style questions which are direct recall so consider revising many variations of standard questions of the topics above.

Update – 27.05.19

Since writing this blog there is now a GCSE page setup which looks at sharing all the resources which will support success at foundation tier.

Have also started a new revision topic section which targets the key topics areas highlighted in this blog with questions, solutions and QR video support.