Which topics to revise for GCSE?

I repeatedly keep getting asked this…

Sir can you send me some questions on the topics which will appear on the paper please?

Student keen to nail their latest Mock or Summer Exams

I’d loved to be able to filter the topics down to maybe 10 or 15 specific topics on the foundation tier that I could send out work on that were guaranteed on the papers. The truth is the most successful students will have a good grasp of all the domain in Maths.

Over Easter you always want to nail the final month with the students before the GCSE exams and its always a tough call on what areas to focus on. When I started this site I did not have a structure in the background to hang the work on – this is now developing. The current count is 442 outcomes and 44 topics that students need to achieve at Foundation Tier GCSE. I’ve done ‘I can’ statements – I know they are not absolutely precise but they give an idea of spread of skill and amount of content.

Predicting the summer papers is fraught with danger but do some topics come up more than most? There is weighting in the specification so id thought i’d do a bit of analysis. Looking at the last 4 papers sat since June 2017 on Edexcel and allocating the number of marks to each outcomes, come up with the following areas on based on the number of marks they are allocated. Where it was an A03 5 mark question the marks are split between the areas of maths – for example one had 2 marks for ratio and then 3 marks for trigonometry for an unknown side as a single 5 mark question.

From teaching for a fair few years the two surprises were Charts and Tables and Money. The aim for every year will continue to teach students to do well in all areas but some of the resources coming on the site may focus on this top 10. One aim will be to produce a single A4 revision mat which covers the key skills in these areas.

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