Calling out to Year 11

Half term is fast approaching yay! It’s probably been a tough half term, you might have had mock exams, parents evenings and talks about life after Year 11, you’re no doubt looking forward to a week off and good for you, you deserve it!

But as you take the time to recharge, catch up on sleep and see your friends it might be worth a visit to Blastmaths. No, I hear you cry! Hear me out first! The end is in sight, after half term it will be onto the last three months of Year 11, the last 3 months of having to do those subjects you don’t really want to do, the last 3 months of having to wear school uniform (possibly!), the last 3 months of trying to remember EVERYTHING you have been taught for the last 2 years! The last 3 months!

Here on Blastmaths we want to make it that bit easier for you, our blast sections are a quick blast of maths. They have a few questions which steadily increase in difficulty with a short video to support if you can’t remember how to solve it. The answers will be given a week after each section is added for you to check how you did. It’s a good way to kick start that revision and boost your confidence in maths.

Have a happy half term!