Hands up if you hate revising?

Revising can be really boring reading over things you’ve already done. It can be daunting as there is loads to revise and you just don’t know where to begin! It can cause you to worry that you don’t know what you’re supposed to know! Ask any grown up about the revision they did and they will probably have felt this way too. On BlastMaths we hope to make revision easier for you. We want to help you get better in Maths and have more confidence in your ability. Each week there will be a new Blast section which will have a few questions to help get you started on your revision. The following week I will put on the answers so you can check if you got them right. I know some of you will probably want the answers there immediately to check straight away and I do get that, however, having an answer there can also mean that you work to get that answer rather than focus on the method needed to solve the question. By focussing on the method you will begin to get more confident in your ability at solving problems and hopefully be more confident that the answers you get are right.

So grab a piece of paper and a pencil, or a nice new notebook for your BlastMaths questions and try out the ratio questions.

Remember to spread the word… tell all your friends about BlastMaths let them know there are questions on here for you to do and quick short videos to help you learn. Happy revising!